Water Leak Repair

A water leak can be annoying and cause damage to your home. If you have a leaking pipe or appliance get it checked as soon as possible. Unchecked leaks can grow and cause more damage.

Waterworks is a local plumber, based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. We cover a 50 mile radius and offer and emergency and non- emergency services.

If you have a water leak get in touch and we can arrange to pop out and take a look. They are usually easy to fix and costs far less than you would think. It’s always best to address the problem before it becomes urgent.

Burst Pipes

If you have a burst pipe, locate your stopcock and, turn off the water supply. Once you’ve stopped the immediate flow of water, give us a call and we’ll get out to see you as soon as possible. We can normally repair the pipe on the first visit. If not, we will endeavour to get your water back on as quickly as possible.

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